What's in your soap?

All of our soaps use the same soap base which is a blend of Tallow, Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Soy oil, Caster oil and Vitamin E. From there we add different essential oils or fragrance oils to give each bar its amazing scent. Next, we add a colorant to the soap base. This ranges from natural clays and micas, to activated charcoal, and even vibrant mica powders. A few of our soaps have added exfoliants such as colloidal oatmeal or pumice. For a list of all our products and the ingredients click here.

Are your soaps plant based?

So in the world of soap you have two ways of doing it. One that is all plant based oils and one that uses animal fat such as Beef Tallow or Lard. We use Tallow in all our soaps. Why you ask? Tallow is superior in soap making in a few ways. Tallow helps create a hard, long lasting bar. Tallow has similar properties to Palm oil used in plant based soaps. We choose Tallow due to rich creaminess that it adds to the lather and how it improves the life span of our soap. 

This topic gets a lot of conversations going for sure. Compared to palm oil, which need to be substantially processed (grown in monocultures, harvested, pressed, filtered, bottled and transported to you from faraway places), requiring energy inputs, beef tallow can usually be produced relatively locally and we feel better about not damaging rain forest in remote areas of the world.

How is your soap different than other soaps I buy?

We make classic cold process soap, the kind that your family used way back in the “Good Old Days”. Using the traditional cold process, we start with a rich mixture of skin loving oils and add the proper amount of Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) to the mix. That’s when all the magic starts to happen. A wonderful process called Saponification kicks off where the lye actually transforms the oils into glycerin and the byproduct is called soap. Without getting too deep in soap science, our soap retains about 6% of the original oils and that is what makes our soap so good for your skin.

How can I get the longest life out of each bar?

This is simple! Keep your soap dry…You may find that hard to do in the shower but that’s ok. When you are finished using it make sure that the soap is up and out of any standing water. Place on a soap dish or soap lift that drains well. Once you start using the soap, extend the life by letting it dry out between uses. If you do not have a proper soap lift, we happen to have one available, it can be found here.

How long does your soap last?

Well, that all depends on how clean you are or how clean you want to be! On average, if you shower once a day, each bar lasts about 2-3 weeks. If you, like many other customers, find it hard to stop lathering up, it may not last that time frame.

I like to use a shower puff and body wash…

Trust us when we say throw that goo in the trash and use our soap the same way you would a shower gel. Get the shower puff and soap wet then work the soap into the puff. Massage the puff for just a second and be amazed with how much lather our soaps actually makes. You will wonder why you have waited so long!! Need a shower puff, click here!